Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nathan Galaxy Tab Wallpaper Pack 1

I've been looking for some good wallpapers for my brand new Galaxy Tab, so I got some of the photos I took(the best ones) and started to resize and crop to the resolution of 1200x1024, which is the resolution that the Galaxy Tab wallpapers are better displayed.


The pack contains 11 photos at the resolution of 1200x1024. For better results I suggest you to set the images as wallpaper using Wallpaper Set and Save, so the backgrounds will show as they should, without blur. Here are their thumbnails:


All the photos were took by myself using a Canon 60D. If you want to see more of my hobby as a photographer just check out my page at deviantART


iOS 5 Biggest Problem

No iOS 5!

I know my iPad is a bit old and out-dated(it's the first generation), but iOS 5 on it has some problems, but the biggest one is a problem that I never seen on iOS before: Instability.

Even after updating to the beta 4 yesterday the OS is freezing and a lot of games are closing(looks like memory issues). Even applications like the Engadget iPad Application after selecting an article the application blanks and closes.

Two days ago I bought a Galaxy Tab and I'm enjoying the combination with the Galaxy S (2 months with it already). I've made this because I'm very disappointed with Apple. I thought they would bring more customization to their OS, but almost nothing was made. Also copying the Android notification style wasn't a good thing.

iOS 5: Use While Syncing

This is one of the best feature Apple could introduce in iOS 5, now you can sync your stuff and use your device at the same time, while you're doing this you can see this icon at the top bar:

The syncing button at the top bar indicates that your iDevice is syncing, but you can freely use it

PS: This article was written at June 10th, but I haven't published it

Springboard in iOS 5

iOS 5

This week has been very busy for me and I couldn't put my hands on the awesome iOS 5, the email that Apple sent me was there... On my mailbox... Waiting to be clicked, so today I finally could download and install it.

The first thing that I needed to do was Restore my iPad to a clean iOS 4.3.3, then upgrade to 5, after this all my icons that I took days to organize were in a mess! So I've started organizing the icons on iTunes, since it's easier and a lot better when you need to move lots of applications at the same time...

After I've done some good organization at the first 2 pages I clicked in the Apply button to make the changes take effect, then after the process finished there was no changes on my iPad and on iTunes nothing changed too. So after some tries my musics started syncing and now the Springboard is as I wanted it to be.

I hope that Apple correct this bug as soon as possible, hopefully before the public release of the new major version of iOS...

PS: I wrote this article at June 10th and I haven't published