Monday, October 04, 2010

Handheld PC Pro vs iPad

Yeah, someone got nuts and tried to compare the good, but old Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-5000 and an iPad.

The Technologizer's blog had done this, they compared a Windows CE 2.11 device with an iPhone OS 3.2 one. But before I've saw that, I was thinking that any devices of the good era(I have a HP Jornada 720) could compete with a so modern one, but that had impressive me! On some points, as the battery(HPC: 12-16 hour life - iPad: 10 hour life), but there was one point that they had done an error, on the Apps run in windows? point, they had said that on the HPC, the [b]applications run on fullscreen ONLY[/b], I don't know about the iPad, but at least on all the Widows CE HPCs, they run on fullscreen, but many of them use windows, as my Vim and my HP Settings that I run on my HP Jornada 720:

And as I've said, we got fullscreen applications too, as the Pocket Internet Explorer:

But on the general, all is ok, and as a old computer fan, I stick with the Windows CE device. ;)


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