Monday, October 04, 2010

Started My Journey Trough JavaScript

I'm proud to say that now I've really started my journey trough the dense forest of the most incredible scripting language ever created(in my opinion), it's called JavaScript.

Before I started, I was at a local bookstore here in my city, looking for computer books(as I usually do every month, and I always get at least one book), I've saw some Java books, C books, and many others that I already have, then I saw a wonderful one, with a monkey on the front and it was from my favorite company, the O'Reilly corporation.

Now I've already started to read it(since yesterday, and just 1 hour of reading) and I'm already at the page 23, and my prevision of finish is in about 20 days, as it's a approximately 512 pages book. Then in some days I will be helping people on the JavaScript forum here, that is very slow this days, but we need to invest on it now, attracting people for it. :)


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