Friday, December 17, 2010

iTunes Redesign Concept

Apple has made some questionable interface changes with iTunes over the past few months (most notably the sideways control buttons), and while they generally pride themselves on their UI consistency, iTunes seems out of place when compared side-by-side with other native applications. Jonny Garrill has designed a mockup of a streamlined iTunes interface that follows the same theme as Quicktime X

His revised design offers a simplified layout without sacrificing any important information, and brings iTunes back to its roots as a simple music player.

Check out the source for the full breakdown of the various UI changes and enhancements. This is just a concept, and no actual modifications are available for download. Hopefully Apple will use the upcoming release of OS X Lion to de-clutter and speed up iTunes, like they have with Quicktime.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently using iTunes, my last hobby was meticulously re-tagging my entire 20,000 song library. Over this time, I have come across a few niggling problems and possible improvements to the program so have decided to mock up an interface redesign.

The past few updates for iTunes have focused on new features like Ping & Books, and also tried to make iTunes a hub for music, movies & TV. My redesign tries to strip back some of the bulk and give a better music library browsing service.

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