Monday, October 04, 2010

WML And The Future

I've just started to learn some of the wonderful languages I ever seen, WML and the beautiful WMLScript. All because I saw one book on a site that I download the ebooks, it's this one:

I've saw that it's a lot more easy and flexible than HTML, because you can divide the pages, that are called decks on WML, into [url=]cards[/url]. Then you will see that it's better to have one single WML file with 10 card, than make 10 HTML files, on for each "part" of the website, but this community today is a little dead(being optimist...), but not so dead than the COBOL community.

This is because the new mobile phones have already HTML compatibility, then the use of the old, but good WAP is being forgotten and then the developers aren't attracted on this technology. But as I can see, modify a site to be compatible with mobile phones and mobile devices, is a lot more hard than just making another one using WML. And the new WML 2.x is very proximate of XHTML and also supports the use of CSS, what can attract more users for this world.

With this all, I still prefer to use the old WML 1.x, but just to learn better, then in a close future, I will move my knowledge to the new era.

Many people when they read this, will think that this is a call to developers to join this community. Yes, it is, but I'm already thinking to start a forum for this little(at the time...) community, to attract some more people, and the good newbies, that will be the future grand developers(I and my optimist ideas).

In some days I will be posting here on my blog the link to the forum, because it's already being setup on my dedicated server.

See you later! :D


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