Monday, October 04, 2010

Good To Be With You ARM

I'm starting to enter at the ARM world using Assembly, to develop some stuff to GBA. For this I'm re-reading TONC, and I bought a wonderful ebook for my Kindle DX. The best book to learn: ARM System Developer's Guide: Designing and Optimizing System Software.

My goal is to design a fully featured library, that will handle console operations, 3D(like the Doom I 3D), scrolling and all the common operations that GBA use, like the libgba's, but entirely written in ARM Assembly.

If anyone here want to help me with this goal, please PM me. I'm already designing a homepage for the project. At the time it's codename is GlassTree. ;)

Also, I'm needing a image for the project, then if anyone is good with graphics(I hate to make images), I'm needing a image that is a glass tree(as the codename says), but it should be greater than 200x200 and be like the Tango style. :)

I'm going to update the blog every news from the project.


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