Monday, October 04, 2010

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit

I want to present you, the best IDE(I consider it an IDE, because it has all that you need) ever created for our wonderful world of WAP. It's called Mobile Internet Toolkit(called NMIT), from the Nokia corporation.

It already supports fully both standards of WML, the 1.x and the 2.x, also it have the CSS and WMLScript support.

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit facilitates the creation of different mobile media content via a comprehensive set of editors and wizards. These include Web page creation (editors for creating WML, XHTML, and CSS content), MMS creation (editors for creating MMS with SMIL messages) and Push message creation (editors for creating multipart and SI/SL messages).

New in this version are fully integrated DRM and DD editors. Also new is support for SMIL 2.0 Basic Language and 3GPP SMIL transitions in MMS messages.

Additionally, NMIT now allows users to define a working environment that allows NMIT to be restarted in the same state which is was closed.

The patch release for NMIT 4.1 enables to use NMIT 4.1 with JRE 1.5. Download and install the patch on top of NMIT 4.1

You can download it from the Official Nokia Site, and don't forget to request a serial from the link that you can find below of the download link(at the Nokia page).


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