Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best Way To Unjailbreak Your iDevice Without Loosing Anything

I love my jailbreak and I would never remove it, but many of my friends was wondering to unjailbreak their devices because there is no use for them(since they don’t use Cydia a lot).

To help this kind of people, I’m going to make a tutorial about the best method to unjailbreak your iDevice(iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV), but first I’m going to tell you the story of you I realized this and also already making the tutorial on the middle of the story:

Today I went to the Apple Store to get some help with my iPad 3G 64GB that I got for myself at the Christmas. The problem was very simple, and I already knew the guys from the Support of that store. I didn’t knew the configuration for the exclusive APN that my carrier have to the iPad owners, so the guy there configured it to me, but the problem was that to make the configuration take effects the iPad needed to be restarted, but it was on a tethered jailbreak. As I went there prepared, before I’ve synced my iPad at the home PC, so there was a backup at my home.

The problem is that because of the tethered jailbreak, the device won’t boot after a reboot. So the guy there done some very simple thing, he had to Restore it, so the device would boot normally again. So, after he configured, I’ve noted everything on my Motorola Droid, then if I need it after I would have the possibility of configuring it at my home.

Arriving at home(here the tutorial “begins”), I decided to Restore it again, so as I already had the firmware at my PC, there was no need of downloading all that 500MB for iOS 4.2.1, then after being Re-Restored, I’ve connected it again to my computer and iTunes said that there was a new iOS device connected. On the setup screen of the new device, I saw that there was a field named Restore Backup. Then I’ve selected my iPad and that last backup that I’ve done before I went to the Apple Store.

iTunes done the backup restore, and the incredible thing after I’ve done the slide to unlock, was that everything was back there. My apps, my background, photos. But the Cydia icon wasen’t, so I’ve opened iPhoneBrowser to check out if it was still jailbroken. And it wasen’t. By this way I haven’t loosed anything and it was unjailbreaked.

Of course that I’ve done the jailbreak again after that, but for people that won’t have it again, this is the best way. So you don’t need just to make the Restore and loose all the things you had.


Blogger Mike Meme said...

How do you make a backup to where you can find it on my Mac? I have made iOS copies that I downloaded from outside sources but never found my own personal ones. Help?

February 20, 2013 at 1:06 AM  
Blogger Chloe Raley said...

I have an IPod touch 4g and I made a back up on my computer (Mac) but the back up was made during the time of the jail break. I already lost half my pictures and all of my apps but 10. I would restore my idevice but i don't want to loose the other half of my photos. Ideas?

July 5, 2013 at 6:13 PM  

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