Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gameloft Advent Calendar Gone, But More Promotions Are Out!

We all loved the Gameloft Advent Calendar promotions, that on the mean-time gave us a lot of wallpapers, free games and cheaper games too.

This time was different, we aren’t more at the Advent Calendar(that ended at December 24), but now it’s for the people that still haven’t any iOS device and didn’t knew that would get one. So they are offering a free game today(and only today for today!!) for people that received iPads, iPhones or iPods this Christmas.

They are offering Fishing Kings, normal and HD for the iPad owners, so everyone can have it. Take a look at their last tweets:

And if you got an #iPad don't worry, Fishing Kings HD is also #FREE today! Happy Holidays!

Fishing Kings #iPhone is #FREE for a day! Enjoy your late Christmas present!

So enjoy the free games of today!



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