Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amazon Delivers Video-On-Demand Worldwide

Amazon vs Netflix
I do not know which is the Amazon plans, but for sure they want to have a piece of the Netflix market for sure.

Yesterday I was browsing Amazon searching for some eBooks for my Kindle and I saw that they have opened a new category on that drop-down menu, that says "Video On Demand", just under the "Digital Download" category. I was testing this new stuff and as far as I've seen, it's available for Brazilian people to download any title without restrictions, so I may think it's a worldwide solution for Netflix, that only works on the USA and Canada.

The image quality is very good and I very fast to get it too because the Amazon's servers are amazing. I recommend everyone to test this new product from Amazon, but one think that they should add is the option to download the movie with subtitles, the rest is very good.

Also the Prime customers have the option to rent any movie for 24h entirely for FREE! Which is awesome. Here is an example:



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