Sunday, February 06, 2011

Will Rovio Mobile be the first App company to create a Billion dollar franchise?

For sure Angry Birds is a great game and got ports to all kinds of mobile devices and recently for computers too, but I don't think that they can get into a billion dollar company just with Angry Birds.
What they need to get on this milestone is investing on other games that are addictive like their biggest success. Just like Gameloft does, they have a lot of great games out there for all types of mobile devices and platforms. Recently they announced Modern Combat for the PS3, a milestone for the gaming. So they aren't focused on just one game as Rovio does, they have lots of great games that sell a lot, like:
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm
  • Modern Combat: Black Pegasus
  • Brothers In Arms
  • Let's Golf
  • UNO
  • And others...
Rovio should make the same if they want to get bigger.

Source: Quora


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