Monday, October 04, 2010

Introduction To GameBoy Advance Development

On my previous entry, I've talked about ARM, GameBoy Advance and a project that I was starting called GlassTree. Today I'm going to talk about two articles that I wrote to the OSDev Wiki.

I've thought this days that OSDev was needing more mobile projects, then I remembered that GameBoy Advance don't have a OS, every game you written to them are considered OSes, principally because you have to do all in low-level, and talking directly with the hardware. Then I started by writing a tutorial about the introduction to this platform: GameBoy Advance Introduction. After this, I've started to write my second tutorial. A bare bones one: GameBoy Advance Barebones, that I've described the basics of the GBA screen, and showed some code to make people happy and to see how to it works on practice. ;)

Also, I've just made a category to put my GameBoy tutorials:


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