Monday, October 04, 2010

Back From The Vacation

I'm officially back from my vacations, but this was about 1 month ago. All because when I got back there was a big university project that I was needing to do on a group. Then this consumend my time and I didn't posted more on the blog. But let's talk more about the vacation and forget the fact of the university project.

It was a big vacation, about 2 weeks and 2 days on total, then I've took a lot of photos. As my camera said, I've just took 2137 photos. ;)

Also I saw that Spain is a beautiful place, with a lot of history and religiosity. The best places that I passed were Barcelona, Sevilla, Marbella and Madrid, but all the other 18 places were awesome too, I just don't remember their names. :P

As I usually do, I like to walk using slippers(I love Havaianas, that is the best on the market), but when I was at Córdoba, passing thru the Roman Bridge, my slippers started to melt... Now it changed his format...

I also bought some new things there. I got me an iPod Touch 3g, that I've already installed iOS 4.0 on it and jailbreaked too. I got a GPS too. A Mio Moov 560, but since 3 days I got my new car, that I was waiting 1 month for, as it was imported. I got me a nice Mitsubishi Pajero Full HPE year 2010/2011, that is an awesome car compared to my old one, a Pajero Sport HPE year 2009(Yeah, I like to change my car every year). Here is a photo of my new one at the concessionaire of my city:

And a photo of my new iPod Touch 3g 64GB compared to my old iPod Video 32GB:

I'm going to post some more about my travel at the new entry. ;)


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