Monday, October 04, 2010

On The Road Of Android: A Review About Google's Mobile OS

I'm now an Android user. I've installed it on my Eee PC 904HD. This project is called Android-x86 and it seems to be promising.

For sure it is an awesome operating system. One more time Google scored!

It's like the mobile version of it, but without the touch screen. All the applications that will work on a phone will work on this project, it also includes the AndAppStore, that is an awesome thing, it's included on all the Android devices and it's like Apple AppStore, but many of the things there are freeware/opensource.

I loved the UI of the OS, it has been correctly designed to be beauty, clean, flexible and easy to use even without a touch screen. But the only problem is that you can't run one more application at the same time, just some of them have this capability and this is the worst point of Android.

As there isn't any close key/button, you need to use the Back button(ESC in the PC version) many times until the application exits, but some of the applications don't close and keep running on the background, what consumes a lot of your resources, then it is obligatory to have a task killer application. I'm using TaskKiller Pro, that have a Home Screen widget that is very easy to access and makes the scanning of the unclosed applications a lot more easy.

The browsing experience is good, the sites are displaying correctly and you are redirected to the mobile version of the pages some times, also YouTube doesn't play the video if you're using the default Android web browser, so I'm using FreeTube application to view the videos. Also downloading things using the default browser is very painful, since it doesn't download ZIPs, EXEs and others, also it usually can't download some APKs while trying with file hosters like MegaUpload and Uploaded.To. So I'm not using the default web browser, but looking for some others and comparing, to see which one is the best, and that fits all my needs perfectly.

Every hardware is working fine on my Eee PC 904HD, and it has been reported to be fully working on all the other Eee PC series and on ACeR One, at least on the 1.6 version of the OS, that is the one that I'm using. The developers of the project are working on the 2.2, but it seems to be released in about 3 months, they are having some compatibility problems with it.

Resuming, Android is an awesome OS, it just need some simple fixes on it to turn it on a more useful and friendly for non-touch screen users, because it seems that will keep growing on the laptop world.


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