Monday, October 04, 2010

Tablets Running For The Android

These days I was traveling through the Engadget and I saw that the biggest deal today is to make tablets, but not just tablets, they need to be using Android. The good part of this is that there will not be many OSes on more mobile devices, concentrating the applications for a determined platform.

Every time that I enter on a technology blog, there is an article talking about a new release of a tablet. But the problem is that many companies are developing bad devices, that have many problems, like a no much sensitive touch screen. Just because people want them too much.

Then I think that at least Google should start to approve and disapprove every device that will have Android built-in. This will make the things a lot more better for the users.

Also, I think that Windows Phone 7 will be a good OS for tablets. ;)


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