Monday, October 04, 2010

Want Something To Do? Think About Something

This article that you will be reading right now can be resumed in four words. They are: "Have a new idea"

I've just tested the "new" Twitter. It has a nice look, copyed like Wordpress. Also it is combining some "incredible new features", that are just a bad copy of the Google Buzz. This just prove that my idea was correct. That when something that started little(Twitter) and grew much, it starts to seek for new features to implement on his project, but then the team doesn't have anything new, or something that will change the world as we see it. Then the fastest way is to copy some other idea that was just growing(Buzz on this case).

This just does an infinite loop on the projects, where everyone just copy everyone, then nothing is created, then everything gets stuck on this loop and then everything is stopped. This keeps happening, until someone changes everything! People like Gandhi, Martin Luter King, Google, IBM, Apple, Michael Jackson, God!

When something like this changes the world as we see it. The followers(copiers) start to get mad to copy this idea into their ones. But the fire was shoot from the pioneer. If we stop to copy things and instead stop some hours, days, months or even years to think. We can start creating new things and forget the idea of copying them. This will make the world turn a lot faster. Things will flow more joyful. Then one awesome idea will rise: "Let's get everyone that are the bests on having ideas and put them on just one project, instead of having tons of different projects!". This is called a revolution. ;)

Here are some examples of things that changed the way that people thought about the things. Do you remember when the IRC was created? This drastically changed the way that people communicate with themselves. Then this idea grew, it became a bit more mature, then the Instant Messaging clients were created. Where you could talk with your friend in private, then someone thought, why not take this into another level. Then someone created the VOIP, where you wasn't more using the letters to communicate, but the voice. Then someone thought a lot higher: "Why not communicate with video too?" then we started the video-conferences. And it goes flowing straight, and not doing curves.

Remember that I don't want to say that Buzz is better than Twitter, or that something is better than another. It just depends of the eye that see it. I don't know what the future reserves for us, but for now I will be going to the newer and pioneer ideas. Also, remember that nothing is impossible, then if you want to build the new power source, that will be unlimited and will not hurt the planet. Go and search for it. Because all the ideas that we have today, when they were idealized by it's inventor, everyone said: "This is impossible!" or like happened with the telephone: "What is the use of this?"

Reflect about this. Think. Have ideas. Comment


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